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Whole House Surge Protectors

Protect your whole house from electrical surges

What is Whole Home Surge Protection and How Do I Achieve It?

Preventing electrical surge damage has traditionally been left to the consumer to guess at what to do. Do you buy numerous surge protector strips? Do you spend time running around the house during a lightning storm unplugging everything in sight while putting yourself at risk for electrical shock? Or do you just do nothing and rely on your homeowner’s insurance policy to cover any surge losses that may occur? You do none of these; instead you protect your investments by preventing surge damage with surgeassure Whole Home Surge Protection.

Whole Home Surge Protection cannot be achieved by "One Whole House Surge Protector". In fact it requires a system of surge protectors working together. We refer to this as Zoned surge protection. Zoned surge protection is accomplished with the implementation of primary and secondary surge protectors.

1. First, surge protectors are applied to the incoming electrical, cable/satellite, and telephone utility services to keep externally generated surges from entering your home. This is your primary surge protection.

2. Then at key locations throughout the home, localized secondary protection is provided to safeguard against any residual surges from the main service and any internally generated surges.

To apply this type of protection for your home, surgeassure™ developed Total Zone Protection, which consists of dividing the home into three protection zones: Main Zone, Interior Zone & Exterior Zone. Specialized surge protectors are designed for each zone location: Main Zone, Interior Zone and Exterior Zone.
1st stage of defense and the key to protecting your home.
2nd stage of defense for sensitive electronics inside the home.
3rd stage of defense for equipment located outside the home.
Protect your electrical panel, telephone & cable (or satellite) lines at the source with the surgeassure™ MAIN ZONE Whole House Surge Protection package.
Stop surges before they get in!
Whole House Panel Surge Protector Installed on Main  Electrical Panel
Panel Surge Protector
Protects against surges coming
through the electric service.
Cable Surge Protector
Protects cable connected equipment
(TVs, DVD players) from surges on your cable line.
Telephone Surge Protector
Protects telephone connected equipment
(computer, modems, fax machines)
from surges on your phone line. - whole house surge protection