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Today’s homes include expensive entertainment systems, security systems and multiple computers. Just about every appliance in the home now contains microprocessor circuits to control their operation. All this equipment is easily damaged by power surges. Power surge related losses cost homeowners billions of dollars each year. The rapid growth of microprocessor based devices in the home and the growing popularity of “smart home” technology will accelerate these costs.
Power surge related losses are easily preventable with properly installed Whole Home Surge Protection!
Our line of surgeassure™ residential surge protection products provide true Whole Home Surge Protection by utilizing the same “staged” or “layered” design approach used to protect commercial/industrial facilities. To illustrate this concept, we have divided the home into 3 protection zones.
Main Zone: The first "stage" or "layer" of protection consists of a panel mount device installed at the breaker panel and separate, modular, in-line protectors for the incoming phone line and cable/satellite line. The TE/1C40 panel mount unit is unique in that it includes an audible alarm and constantly monitors the grounding system for excessive voltage levels between Neutral and Ground.
Interior Zone: The second "stage" of protection for the equipment inside of the home consists of a variety of plug strip and wall plug surge protectors and a desktop UPS for protection of appliances, home office and home theater equipment.
Exterior Zone: The second "stage" of protection for the equipment outside of the home consists of surge arrestors for motors and pumps and single outlet wall plug units for irrigation and landscape lighting controls.
Don't Leave Your Home Unprotected!
Perform a Risk Assessment on your home. Analyze the life expectancy and replacement costs of your household appliances. Add to this the aggravation and time wasted waiting for a damaged appliance to be repaired or replaced. Compare this to the $400 - $600 cost to install Main Zone Surge Protection. You'll conclude the answer to the question "Is whole house surge protection worth it?" to be undoubtedly yes.
Appliance Life Expectancy Replacement Cost
Central AC 10 years $1500 - $3500
Water Heater 10 years $600 - $1500
Range/Oven 15 years $500 - $2500
Refrigerator/Freezer 15 years $500 - $3000
Dishwasher 10 years $700 - $2000
Microwave 8 years $300 - $1500
Garbage Disposal 10 years $250 - $500
Clothes Washer 12 years $500 - $1500
Clothes Dryer 15 years $500 - $1200
Garage Door Opener 10 years $300 - $600
Central Vac 15 years $500 - $1500
Protect your investments by preventing surge damage and enjoy the peace of mind that surgeassure™ Whole Home Surge Protection can provide.
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